Advanced Directives

Advanced Directives

11.11.2016 || Kristina Dolgin

Need an advanced directive? We do parties!

This is no time to celebrate, but it is time to put our collective asses in gear and prepare and protect ourselves and each other in the face of increased opposition to queer and transgender existence.

Did you know if you become unable to make health-related decisions for yourself then your family or the state are legally entitled to?

This means they can:
-keep your non-spouse partners & community from being with you when you’re sick or injured
-stop you from receiving gender-affirming healthcare treatment
-make decisions about your care contrary to your wishes
-memorialize your life by misgendering you if you die.

These issues are of particular importance to queers and trans people in the Bay Area, who suffer violence from blood-family and medical professionals both during their life and after death.

By filing a notarized legal document called an Advance Directive with your healthcare provider(s) you can help ensure that you’re treated with dignity, respect, & the care you want & deserve.

If you live in the Bay Area and can get a group of 5-10 queers together WE WILL COME TO YOU to get you all set up.

Things we will provide TOTALLY FOR FREE:
-information on what to consider when creating your document
-copies of your finalized advanced directive
-notarization to make it legit.

To schedule a group clinic contact:

Live in California but unable to meet in person? Here’s a template Advanced Directive that you can fill out and have notarized by a service near you.


Note: This template AS IS is unusable for people in states outside of California. While the language can be used as the basis of advanced directives in other states, please check in with legal workers in your state to ensure use of the right language for your state.