A Red Light Legal Fundraiser!

A Red Light Legal Fundraiser!

Help Red Light Legal raise $15,000 to fight for sex worker safety and liberation!

Red Light Legal believes in using the power of the law and the power of the people to uplift the voices and protect sex workers! That’s why we’re sex worker-led and combine legal services, representation, community education, and policy advocacy as tools to combat repression. We know sex worker struggles are intersectional, so our work is grounded in our commitments to racial justice, queer/trans justice and feminism.

We’ve got big plans for 2016, but need your support to make them a reality! From $5 to $500, whatever you’ve got to give makes our work possible!

Legal Services
Help fund two free day-long legal clinics for 40 low-income sex workers.
$10 – provides one participant with a transportation stipend
$250 – provides free childcare to sex workers with children
$500 – covers printing costs
$50 – covers the cost of food for five participants
$325 – Spanish translation of legal material

Community Education
Help fund the creation and distribution of pocket-sized know your rights guides for street-based workers.
$150 – artwork
$250 – printing costs
$225 – Spanish and Cantonese translations

Legal Representation
Help fund representation for 3 disabled sex workers for their SSI/SSDI appeals.
$200 – transportation and meals for sex workers during
meetings and court appearances
$200 – printing costs
$300 – mailing and faxing costs

Invest in and compensate the political work of sex workers!
$12,500 – time split across all projects

Want to fund half a project ($2,500) or a full project ($5,000)? If you’re in a position to give and want to support please email kristina@redlightlegal.org.

Thank you for supporting our work! We’ll keep you posted on these projects and the rest of our work. Our next projects include: a searchable self-advocacy Wiki, criminal record expungements, further inquiry into the expanded Nuisance Eviction Ordinance, and so much more!