What We Do

1) Direct Services

We provide nonjudgmental informational legal direct services to anyone in the sex industry. Curious about the laws regarding online escort ads? Is your employment as a sex worker causing you problems with your housing? Were you assaulted at work? Did your paycheck bounce? The legal problems sex workers encounter are as diverse and varied as the sex worker community itself.

Our staff researches each question in depth. The answers is then be collected into a public wiki, building a vital resource for self advocacy. We collect anonymous demographical data from our service recipients so that, for the first time ever, a comprehensive picture of the problems facing the entire sex industry can be created.

2) Public Policy Advocacy

We use the data we collect to expose gaps in the law that hurt sex workers and the Bay Area community at large. We take direction from the people we serve to craft and launch community-led policy campaigns to challenge unjust laws. Operating with a feminist, pro-sex worker model, we work to bring harm reduction strategies into comprehensive legal reforms.

Red Light Legal pursues the total decriminalization of sex work as an ultimate policy goal, but we know that decriminalization alone will not end all forms of exploitation. Red Light Legal works towards gender, economic and racial justice. We believe that the prison industrial complex must be dismantled, policing as we know it must end and basic services such as housing and healthcare must be provided for everyone. Our policy work is grounded in these philosophies and led by the people we serve.

3) Community Education

We empower sex workers to enforce their rights and advocate for themselves. Red Light Legal does this by leading workshops and skill-shares and by disseminating valuable legal information far and wide. 

4) Litigation Services

Red Light Legal will take on a limited number of pro bono criminal and civil impact cases. We will challenge unjust laws, corrupt cops and bad Johns from inside the court. Litigation services are highly resource intensive. We will only be able to provide these services as funding permits.

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