Oakland California: Today, March 17th, Red Light Legal launched the west coast’s first online sex worker legal clinic. The clinic, available to current and former sex workers anywhere in the United States, provides individualized legal information, general advice and referrals for a broad variety of legal issues. In addition to a personally tailored response, the questions submitted to the clinic will be generalized into a publically accessible wiki. As more people receive legal services, the wiki will grow, creating a resource that empowers sex workers to advocate for themselves when facing some legal problems.

The online legal clinic will provide the sex worker community desperately needed access to legal services. There currently exist only 2 other legal clinics providing services to sex workers in the country. Red Light Legal’s clinic will be the first and only legal resource west of the Rocky Mountains, and the only legal resource for sex workers run by current and former sex workers themselves. Because the online legal clinic is constituent-led, it will deliver a high degree of community competency and a firsthand understanding of the legal obstacles facing sex workers and the people who love them.

Founded in 2014, Red Light Legal is the first organization of its kind. Dedicated to the full decriminalization of sex work, abolition of all prisons and an end to police oppression, Red Light Legal uses the information it gathers from the direct legal services they provide to make visible the unseen lived realities of sex workers across the spectrum of the industry. Red Light Legal uses direct services, community education, policy advocacy and direct legal representation as a reciprocal service model where large-scale decisions are directly informed by the experience of the people who benefit from their outreach work.

The online legal clinic is a work in progress. Red Light Legal welcomes constructive criticism and suggestions for ways to improve service access and remove barriers to use. To provide feedback, contact Kristina@redlightlegal.org. To access the online legal clinic follow the link here.