As he’s gotten closer to becoming middle-aged, I’ve noticed that my husband has become self-conscious about his ability to perform in bed. It’s a 50-50 chance whether his penis will stay hard during sex, and I could tell that he was feeling depressed after a while. It turns out that depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem are commonly found in men with ED. I didn’t want him to feel this way (and I wanted better sex!) so I encouraged him to try Bluechew after looking through the Bluechew reviews online.

About BlueChew

Bluechew is a male enhancer supplement which is chewable – it’s a bit like eating one of those chewable vitamins, but it’s for sex. If you’ve ever wanted to chew Viagra, then you’re in luck here. Apparently, the action of chewing means that the stuff is absorbed into your system faster, so they kick in a little quicker than old-school swallowed pills. The Bluechew system is a home delivery subscription service which delivers your desired amount of chewables to your home every month. Yes, the packaging is discreet.

Bluechew comes in 2 forms – Sildenafil 30mg and Tadalafil 6mg. These are the magic ingredients that made Viagra and Cialis famous men’s sex pills, but their greedy patents have recently expired so prices have dropped and healthy competition has opened up, driving sex supplement prices down. Thank you Jesus. Bluechew is one of many new Cialis and Viagra alternatives popping up on the market, but its USP is the fact that it’s chewable.


Sildenafil is the active ingredient in Viagra. It gets to work in 60 minutes or less and gives men a stiffy for around 4 hours, whether they want it or not. For my husband, the Bluechew version of Sildenafil gave him an erection in just over 30 minutes, but it might be different for your guy.


Tadalafil is the active ingredient in Cialis. It also gets to work in around 60 minutes or less, but in a more subtle way. Like Cialis, it’s supposed to be taken on a daily basis, remaining in your system throughout the day so that you’re ready to go when the time comes. My husband says he notices that he feels more aroused when he sees/hears something sexy, but he isn’t walking around pitching a tent all day either.

My Review of Sildenafil Bluechew

I opened up the discreet envelope that these pills arrived in and I was instantly impressed by the classy and sophisticated packaging. Rather than being tacky or medical, Bluechew have gone with the high-end aesthetic that you get from top-tier sex toy companies and the likes. Each pill comes in a little black pouch, and while it is stylish, it seems like a waste of materials to be honest. I guess a strip of tablets isn’t very suave or sexy.

The pills are only about the size of a nickel, so they’re really easy to chew according to my husband. If we’re both in the mood and it’s clear that we’re in the mood for sex, he takes one of these male enhancers and we start with foreplay, which I have no complaints about! It’s great actually – I get 30-40 minutes of foreplay while his Bluechew gets working! He kisses me, strokes my pussy gently, and sometimes he sticks his tongue down there too. By the end of these 30 minutes or so, I’m wet and he’s got a cock that’s standing tall like a statue.
Then we get to fucking, and I really can’t complain ladies! His boner was stiff as a board throughout the experience, thrusting me and rubbing me in ALL the right places. The sex was even better because I had been “warmed up” by all that foreplay, so I was just as ready to go as he was! You know how impatient some men can be – they wanna skip the foreplay and get right to the dirty deed, but most ladies can’t hack that. All in all, the sildenafil Bluechew has been great for both of us!

My Review of Tadalafil Bluechew

These versions comes in similar packaging to the sildenafil, but they come in little grey pouches instead of black. My husband actually splits these in half and takes half-doses every day because he felt a little too easily aroused when taking the full 6mg dose. He says that with the half dose, he becomes aroused and gets an erection when the time is right, not too frequently. I guess it’s different for all men.

You know those times when you’re both super horny and you don’t need to fuck around with foreplay? Well these tadalafil Bluechews are great for times like that. Sometimes the mood just takes us and we have to get fucking there and then – there’s no explaining it. In times like that, we’re both gagging for it and can’t bear to wait 30-40 minutes for a Viagra to kick in, but the tadalafil mean that my husband can get a keep a decent erection and keep it for long enough to satisfy me.

I won’t lie – his cock isn’t quite as hard as when he takes the sildenafil, and he doesn’t seem to be AS confident in his abilities when he’s relying purely on the tadalafil, but if time is of the essence and you’re both horny enough to make it work, then it can bring some spontaneity back to your sex life for sure. Don’t get me wrong – the sildenafil are great male sex pills, but the “preparation” aspect of it can ruin the mood a little bit, whereas tadalafil makes the whole act seem more natural and romantic once again.

I mean, I’d rather be sayng: “Take me here, right now. Fuck me hard on the washing machine!” than “Take me in about 30 or 40 minutes while I patiently await your boner”.

Is Bluechew Legit?

As far as I can tell it is, yes. We place an order for 10 sildenafils and 7 tadalafils every month, and they always arrive on time in discreet packaging without fail. You have to take a health assessment before they let you have Bluechew, which suggests that this is real stuff. Of course, their doctor is probably a little biased in that they’re going to want to approve you for these sex pills, but it mostly seems above board. They make all the risks and potential side effects very clear, and you can consult with the specialized Bluechew physicians if you need to.

Their medical staff are actually doctor(s) (I don’t know how many there are?) from the great city of Chicago, IL. After doing some snooping, I can’t find out too easily where Bluechew themselves are based, but I’m willing to bet that it’s somewhere near Chicago? All I know is that we order these chewable sex pills and they definitely come from somewhere, whether its Chicago or Narnia.

Does Bluechew Work?

In our experience, Bluechew pills definitely work. Whenever my husband is raring to go, one of these Bluechews is usually enough to get the job done. He feels like more of a “man”, I get the best sex I’ve had in years, and we’re both just really damn pleased with the product to be honest. I mean, the only thing that’s been a downside for my husband is that sometimes he gets headaches from the pills and sometimes he gets unwanted erections.

Nonetheless, he would get these headaches and unwanted erections whether he was taking Bluechew supplements or regular Viagra and Cialis. The difference in Bluechew is the delivery method, both in terms of procuring them and taking them. They arrive in the mail and they are chewed instead of swallowed, but their ingredients are basically the same as Viagra or Cialis, depending on which one you
get. Last time I checked, Viagra and Cialis do the job… Bluechew just makes the process easier.

A Few Bluechew reviews from Reddit

I’m writing this Bluechew review from a woman’s perspective, so I thought it would be interesting to collect some real-life Bluechew reddit reviews from both men and women to see what people are saying about these pills. It seems for the most part that people are pleased, which is always a good sign!

“It doesn’t feel much different than normal other than the fact that he’s like harder and can do it more times/longer. I came pretty fast but sometimes I do regularly.”

“I tried the bluechew free trial just to see what it would do. Pretty quickly after chewing my cock swelled up like the hulk and my girlfriend & I just looked at eachother and went to town. Not gonna lie man, having your dick enraged like that totally changes the game. I wish I didn’t need the chew, but damn is it fun.”

This guy sounds happy that they exist:

“Thank you. Im 20 myself and had issues in my last relationship with my anxiety moving towards performance anxiety. Ever since its been a vicious mental cycle where i get nervous it won’t go right and then… manifest destiny. This makes me feel hopeful to have a backup plan, should really help my confidence. I might get a consultation just so I can have a few on reserve.”

Bluechew coupon code, free trial, and free samples

Bluechew has a free 30-day trial for new users, helping them to see whether this product is right for them. Personally, my husband gave the free trial a go and then we both became hooked on the stuff. When you’ve been getting dicked by a cock harder than granite for 30 days, you can’t go back to lackluster sex.

Still, if the product doesn’t work for you and you’d rather spend your time looking for snake oil and the best Chinese sex pills in dark corners of the internet, then you can cancel your subscription before the trial ends. You will still have to pay $5 for shipping if you didn’t like the free trial, but I’m sure that you’ll live. It’s hardly going to break the bank.

Bluechew Side Effects

The Sildenafil 30mg pills can give you redness, headaches, nausea, back pain, congestion, muscle aches, blurred vision, dizziness, bad stomach, hot flashes, diarrhea and in rare cases memory/hearing issues.

The Tadalafil 6mg pills can give you lightheadedness, coughing, abdominal pain, muscle aches, flushing, indigestion, low blood pressure, sore throat, sickliness, and longlasting erections.

Apart from minor headaches and fatigue (the fatigue is probably due to all of the… physical activity) my husband didn’t experience any of these side effects of tadalafil and sildenafil Bluechews.

Is Bluechew Safe?

Sildenafil and Tadalafil have been used in products like Viagra for many years now, with various studies showing that the ingredients in supplements like Bluechew are safe. Of course, you should always follow the dosage instructions and note your physician’s advice if they think that you should not be taking Bluechew.

Bluechew packages and pricing

The more of these Bluechews you get each month, the cheaper it works out to be. Although it’s tempting to get “Pro” plans for each of these pills and bonk till the cows come home every night, I’d advise you to be realistic about how often you’re ACTUALLY going to be having sex with one another. We do it 2-3 times a week on average, and he splits his tadalafil into 2 halves, so we find that 7 tadalafil and 10 sildenafil per month is about right for us.

Sildenafil 30mg

“Active” plan – 6 x Sildenafil Chewables per month ($20)
“Busy” plan – 10 x Sildenafil Chewables per month ($30)
“Popular” plan – 17 x Sildenafil Chewables per month ($50)
“Pro” plan – 34 x Sildenafil Chewables per month ($90)

Tadalafil 6mg

“Active” plan – 4 x Tadalafil Chewables per month ($20)
“Busy” plan – 7 x Tadalafil Chewables per month ($30)
“Popular” plan – 14 x Tadalafil Chewables per month ($50)
“Pro” plan – 28 x Tadalafil Chewables per month ($90)

States where it’s not allowed

You cannot purchase Bluechew in the following states due to dumb telemedicine laws:

Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, and South Carolina.

To be clear, the formula of the pills is not banned – just the way in which they’re distributed.


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