It is said that prostitution is considered to be one of the oldest jobs in the world. Sex workers are there all over the world. Let us not get into the argument of what they are doing is right or wrong. It is all about perspectives. The liberals might not consider it as a bad thing, but the ideologies of the conservatives will be totally contradicted with them. At the end of the day, they are human beings, and they have all the rights like the rest of us. The rights of the citizen cannot be denied based on the job that they do. In this article, we will see in detail about the rights of sex workers.

Discrimination of sex workers

The world that we live in is so advanced in a lot of things, and we are that the verge of colonizing Mars. Even at this age, there is a lot of discrimination that sex workers are undergoing on a daily basis. Most of the people have wrong perceptions about them and discriminate them without any kind of hesitation. Because of the kind of work that they do, they are taken for granted. They undergo ill-treatment, sexual and physical assault, and a lot of other tortures by various people.


The fact that the entire society is looking at them with the wrong mindset itself is an unbearable thing. They are constantly judged and humiliated at various levels. It is an undeniable fact that they not even given the basic respect that human should get.

The society’s perceptions

We do accept the fact that the work that they are doing is a taboo in many parts of the world. But one of the most common assumptions that people have is that they got into willingly which is totally wrong. There are lots of sex workers who are kidnapped and trafficked to do this work. The most pathetic thing is that some of them have been sold by their own parent at a very tender age and they got into this when they didn’t even understand the meaning of sex.  Some might have come into this because of the financial situations and a lot of other issues. The majority of sex workers are not doing it willingly.

The legalization


There are a lot of counties where sex work (prostitution is legalized). There are lots of countries that are still debating it. But anything said and done it is not an easy thing. It is because the legalization will lead to a lot of crimes like child trafficking, child prostitution and a lot of other issues. If it is being legalized, it should have a proper, and the offenders should be punished irrespective of their status.  Some of the countries like Germany, Netherlands and Austria have pulled off the legalization with perfection.


It does not matter what they are doing for survival. It is not causing any harm to others, and they are not indulging in criminal activities. They are humans, and they are the citizens of the country. They have all rights like the rest of the people. Denying has become very common, and it is something that needs to change. It is the governments that need to take necessary steps and pass bills that will protect their rights no matter what.



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